British & American Tobacco

British & American Tobacco

Remember Monday’s rather blurred close-up? Believe it or not, it was part of a design for British & American Tobacco.

British & American Tobacco

British & American Tobacco marketing display

We were asked to come up with a concept and design based on ‘healthy outdoor pursuits’, to be installed within areas of the offices of British & American Tobacco. Their aim was to stimulate and inspire new ideas within the advertising and marketing departments.

One of the concepts we used came from the idea of plants and flowers made from gardening equipment. Originally we were going to use full sized tools, but as you can imagine this proved rather problematic in terms of the scale. Instead we sourced some dolls’ greenhouse tools and decided to make flower heads from them. Then we used garden hose for the stems and cut the leaves from sheet metal. Before assembly we gloss sprayed all the components then planted them into pots.

Job done! A bright and inspiring display for British & American Tobacco.


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